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The Purple Parrot 24-hour coffee shop in the Atlantis serves breakfast 24 hours a day, which I'm always happy to see. (I tend to have a convoluted sleep schedule and rarely seek breakfast at anything resembling traditional breakfast times.) Near midnight Thursday, I was more interested in dinner, and was pleased to discover that their late-night offerings weren't limited. The fried chicken was fresh, crispy, moist, and tasty. The service was good, too.

My previous experience with casino hotel buffets in downtown Las Vegas left me with low expectations at Toucan Charlie's Buffet and Grill when we went there for breakfast Friday. I was expecting something along the lines of an Old Country Buffet. Toucan Charlie's is several steps above that. It wasn't the best breakfast buffet I've ever had -- the $35 place in Honolulu still holds that record. Toucan Charlie's is certainly the best breakfast buffet I've had at its $12 price point. There were Mexican, Southern, and Chinese breakfast stations as well as fresh omelets, fresh pancakes, and standard hotel breakfast buffet items. The pastry and dessert counter was memorably tastier than the equivalent offerings at the $35 brunch buffet in Hawaii. Yum. The designer in me appreciated the dishes, the decor, and the fact that the sound system complemented our breakfast conversation rather than competing with it.

Rick Lindsay took me up to Virginia City and around Lake Tahoe. Wow. I'll enjoy wandering the streets, saloons, and mines of Virginia City when the opportunity next presents itself. I knew I was going to like Tahoe. I was surprised by how nearby it actually is, and, yes, it's glorious.

More later....
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The car stayed completely packed until I at last pulled up in front of the Delta tonight, then suddenly it was empty. That's what happens when 10-12 fans are waiting in the lobby to help you unload. A bellhop or two saw the mob and jumped in to help. I think there were only two bellcarts, but there might have been three. Plus various additional bits.

The border crossing was easy-peasy. I got the "Why do you have so much stuff in your car?" question rather than the traditional alcohol or firearms/weapons questions. A minute or two of conversation and I was on my way.

The cops were out en force on the Northway (87). Doing 72 wasn't a problem. Another fan going 80 or a bit faster got nailed.

I'm in the Delta. The first Reno party starts in 17.5 hours, in conference room 532. Whee!
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If you swap out a normal-sized box of tissues for one of those little cube things because it takes up less room in the car, you may be trying to bring too much.

Yeah, I told myself I was swapping the Puffs boxes.

Reno committee member Rick Lindsey sent me the following helpful hints after seeing email I sent last night saying the car was 90% packed. All that was left was finding room for the other 90%. That latter bit includes all my personal luggage and computer, so you can say I'm motivated.

Rick wrote:

Place all excess baggage on top of the car. This is your overhead
baggage area. It is possible these items may shift during the trip and
be completely missing upon arrival, especially if they are not secured.
A neighbor can assist you in seeming to secure these if you wish. You
may instead trunk-check these items by placing them near the rear of the
vehicle, and they will unintentionally be left behind upon your departure.

Since this is an international trip, we ask that you label every one of
your belongings with your credit card number. This will insure that the
proper tariffs can be collected if your belongings arrive with you, or
proper delivery can be expedited if they do not. Please remember to
include the little 3-digit number on the back of the card.

We know you have a choice of carriers, and we are pleased you've chosen
Toad Hall Transportation. "Leaping into the next decade by hard work
and luck!"

I'll be out the door and on the road just as soon as I finish following Rick's advice. I'm a tad worried about the coffee mugs, and even more about the drivers who risk seeing stfnal coffee mugs flying toward their windshields. At least they'll be behind me. And the chocolates are in a styrofoam cooler. That should protect them from the sun beating directly down on the top of the roof.

Why, yes, I am going to the Worldcon. Whee!
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I picked up the NESFA Press chapbook of Jo Walton's poetry from the printer this afternoon. Ooh, shiny. (For uncoated stock values of shiny, that is.) More details and a picture of the cover are in the announcement on the Boskone LJ.

It's a good thing I left most of the Reno party supplies at the NESFA Clubhouse following Arisia. The back of my car is now mostly full of boxes from printers, and I'm going to have an interesting time fitting in the resale art and my exhibit piece for the Geek Corner...oh, yes, and my luggage. Must remember my luggage.

Here comes Boskone!
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Earlier tonight, Bobbie DuFault announced the end of the Seattle in 2011 Worldcon bid. Other groups booked the facilities they planned to use, and there weren't any viable alternatives for them to pursue.

All of us on the Reno bid thank Bobbie and her bid committee for a cordial race against worthy opponents. Speaking for myself, I think the challenge of the competition helped strengthen both bids, and I'm sorry that competition ended abruptly six months sooner than any of us expected it to. Just three weeks ago, we shared a bid table at Arisia, and Seattle's gorgeous website set a new standard for bids to strive for.

Our condolences to Bobbie and the entire Seattle bid committee.
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1) The Anticipation housing bureau went live & public today -- room reservations are now being accepted and several early reports indicate they're fairly easy to make online. There's also a toll-free number people can call to make reservations over the phone and an address for doing it by mail.

English links:

Chart of hotels & prices, with link to online reservations
Map showing hotel locations in relation to the convention center

As with all of the Anticipation webpages, you can easily toggle back and forth between the English and French versions of each page. Or you can go straight to the French hotel rates page.

2) Reno in 2011 submitted our bid filing last night. Whoohoo! It's just one of many steps in bidding for a Worldcon, but it's a telling one and we're glad to know the filing is safely in the hands of Glenn Glazer, Anticipation's Site Selection administrator a comfortable 8 days before the filing deadline of February 7th.

We're the first of the three bids Glenn is expecting to receive filings from -- Seattle and Raleigh will no doubt be filing their paperwork for the 2011 Worldcon and 2010 NASFiC within the coming week. I'm not so sure about [ profile] npulsifer and his Barrow Point, Alaska 2011 bid, though. It's been awhile since I've heard anything about it, and it hasn't made it onto the bidders list that [ profile] hazelchaz maintains, even as the hoax it set out to be. The Chernobyl bid page seems to have vanished, but Worldcon Lichtenstein is still there. None of the bids will know for sure everyone else who will be on the ballot until February 7th has passed.

Back in 1994, Ross Pavlac wrote an excellent overview of things to think about when voting for a Worldcon bid. The 2-part article first ran in Voyager, the ConAdian newszine, so the 1997 site selection vote is the one mentioned most. It's now 15 years later, but much of what Ross wrote is as true today as it was then. Recommended.
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"What am I forgetting?" That was the first sentence of the post I was mentally writing as I toted various bins and bags from the warm house into the cold garage. "The car isn't stuffed to the gills yet."

Oh. That's right. The luggage. There had to be room for the luggage. Car not quite packed to the gills yet, but I'm making two stops on my way to the hotel, so there's time and opportunity yet.

The various bins, bags, cooler, and folding tables are for the Reno in 2011 bid party that [ profile] benyalow and I are hosting at Arisia on Saturday night. There are the usual party decorations (a la Geri, of course, which means Cthulhu Elvis will be there, and the glowing pillows, too), and a bit in the way of party supplies. See my crunch and candy-making update for a partial preview of what will await Reno party-goers. I trust they'll come hungry!
gerisullivan: (Reno in 2011)'s Reno in 2011!

If you're at either of those conventions, head on down (or up) to the Reno parties. If you're here on LJ, follow the link to the Reno in 2011 community for updates from the Reno bidders there.
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I had big fun running Reno in 2011 bid parties at Denvention 3 and hope to write several things about them and the rest of my adventures in Denver in the days ahead. Past experience suggests that's overly likely to remain in the mountainous range of Good Intentions, especially when I consider everything else that's on my plate right now.

But I did at least get a post about the mermaid cake up on the Reno in 2011 LJ community. Complete with a picture, so if you're reading this and wondering "what mermaid cake?" you can click on through and see for yourself.

Tasting required that you be there. Sorry about that. But if you're ever in downtown Denver, head southwest on Champa Street, a half-block off the 16th Street Mall, and select the treat of your choosing at the Mermaids Bakery and Pie House. From what I can tell, it's all delicious.
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Westword, a free weekly paper in the area, has a comic providing "a side-by-side comparison of Denver's two historic August conventions" in their July 31-August 6th issue. It mentions Kent Bloom and Kathy Mar by name, pits Denvention 3's Critter Crunch against the Dem's Green Challenge, shows Michael Chabon accepting the Hugo for "The Yiddish Policemen's Union," and is generally light-hearted and at least modestly funny. It takes a few liberties to make its jokes, but I'm okay with that. My favorite is:

Denvention 3
# of delegates: 5,624
# of journalists: 3

2008 Democratic National Convention
# of delegates: 4,234
# of journalists: 16,000

The comic is on page 2, and takes up 3 of the 4 columns on the page.

Edited to add: It's also online. Many thanks to [ profile] n6tqs for the link! Kenny Be is the artist and "Worst Possible Scenario" is the name of the ongoing strip.

I picked up a couple of extra copies and will have at least one at the Reno parties.
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On Thursday, I shipped several boxes of party supplies to [ profile] judith_dascoyne and Mitch's home in Boulder. They will be joining the many more boxes that started showing up this week. [ profile] aisb23, our committee member who works in Reno, sent the very first box to arrive. We didn't plan it that way, but it seems only fitting. Reps from the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Bureau and both of our hotels are sending goodies in support of the bid and are also coming to Denver themselves. That'll be fun.

And then there are boxes and boxes of flyers, forms, stickers, and party surprises, all ordered online. I love the internet.

All of this is of course in support of the Reno in 2011 bid parties we're running all 4 nights of the Worldcon. The Biggest Little Party at the Worldcon hopes everyone at Denvention 3 will come and taste the fun Reno has to offer:

Wednesday: Silver Mine Rush
Thursday: Around the World -- and to the Stars!
Friday: Peppermill Spice Night
Saturday: Atlantis Night

The Reno in 2011 party suite will be on the 22nd floor of the Sheraton Denver. I look forward to seeing lots of LJ friends there. If you'd like to help out, please drop me a note or give me a call. And if you have a pepper mill you'd like to show off, or even donate to the cause, please, bring it along to Denvention 3 and to the Peppermill Spice Night party on Friday. Pack your spicy clothes for that one, too. My corset fits even better than when I bought it at ConJosé. ([ profile] elainebrennan, I'm counting on you to lace me up!)
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Coming Soon to a Convention Near You
Coming Soon to a Convention Near You
Rennie, the official Reno in 2011 carpetbag created by Brad Foster made his/her/its debut on Memorial Day weekend as TR Renner and Mark Herrup launched the first of many (many!) Reno in 2011 bid parties.

Are you heading to ConRunner, Midwestcon, or ApolloCon this weekend? Reno in 2011 agents will be in England, Ohio, and Texas, listening, talking, and partying with fans. They'll gladly take your money, too. :-)

Look for our UK Agent, Steve Cooper, at ConRunner in Wolverhampton. It's the first non-US convention we'll be at, but it's far from the last! The vote is in Montréal, after all....

On Saturday night, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, and Ben Yalow are hosting a Reno party at Midwestcon in Cincinnati. Look for flyers announcing the room number, or just ask -- last year, three different people I didn't know each told me where the Montréal and Australia parties were. Nice!

ApolloCon Fan GoH Anne KG Murphy is representing Reno in Houston-- we'll likely post a special report about our activities there sometime on Saturday. Maybe even with a picture or three....

If you're like me and spending the weekend at home, wishing you were at any or all of the above, please take a minute and swing by the Reno in 2011 website for a quick convention fix. We've updated it with links to pictures and mini-reports from Balticon, BayCon, ConQuesT, Marcon, WisCon, and Fourth Street Fantasy Convention. There are a few other new things, too -- where we'll be next, an updated supporter list, agents' names, and such. As always, we'll gladly take your money on the website, too.

Seriously -- many, many thanks for the active, positive support we've received this past month, the first month of the bid. The Reno in 2011 Worldcon bid already has over 160 Supporters, Friends, and Really Close Friends. Your contributions make the parties and other fun surprises possible. I'm looking forward to helping us all have a mountainous good time in Denver.

See you on the Funway!
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Yes, it's true. For the first time, I'm a member of a bid committee for a real Worldcon: Reno in 2011.

We launched the bid tonight with announcements near and far, and a presence at five conventions: Balticon, BayCon, ConQuesT, Marcon, and WisCon. I've posted a bit of 4-part harmony about that on our brand new LiveJournal community.

Here's the bid announcement on ConCentral. It's popping up here and there around LiveJournal and elsewhere in the ether, too. Fun!

My own financial situation means I'm home this weekend rather than helping with any of our launch parties in person. It's times like this that I appreciate my friends all the more. Marcon Toastmaster [ profile] skzb announced the bid during Opening Ceremonies there. [ profile] netmouse is running a bid table for us there, and [ profile] lsanderson has been keeping me entertained all week with his posts, email messages, and phone calls about preparations for the bid party he's hosting at WisCon tomorrow night. In the meanwhile, friends such as [ profile] elaine_brennan, [ profile] debgeisler, and other are keeping me updated with reports about the bid launch. I love living in the future. I love helping make stuff like this happen in real time.

I hope you'll take a look at our website and consider supporting Reno in 2011 at whatever level fits your budget and sensibilities. You can also download our bid flyer as a pdf in high-res print form or a low-res version for on-screen viewing only.


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