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The bookshelves in the Toy Room yielded another 106 books, mostly paperbacks. I fiercely culled my hardcovers during my move east 8 years ago; there were weight costs for the move and volume costs for the months of storage between selling Toad Hall and buying Toad Woods. I culled paperbacks, too, but with considerable leniency.

Hmmm. 662 + 106. There I was at 768 books. You know where this is going, right?

Yep. There were 5 more books on those shelves I could part with.

Total books for the Science Fiction Outreach Project in my car = 773

In the back seat.

Yes, there's room for more. I bet I could fit another 50-100 books spread across the box tops without losing sight lines. Maybe more. Given my car, probably more. Plus tuck places in the hatch area after I load luggage and kipple in.

Hmmm...southern route. Maybe I'll stop at Fanhihall and see if Joe has any he can part with....

I love my car.
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Currently in my car. In the back seat of my car:

-- 245 books donated by Ben Yalow
-- 171 books donated at the NESFA Clubhouse, including 67 from Tony Lewis and 80 from Lisa Hertel
-- 28 books donated by Mark & Priscilla Olson
-- 99 books donated by Geri Sullivan
-- 119 books donated by Seth Breidbart and other Lunacon Book Raffle winners, transported to the NESFA Clubhouse by Sharon Sbarsky

Total in Geri's car: 662 books. Science fiction/fantasy/genre hardbacks, trade paperbacks, paperbacks, ARCs, and one audio book.

Already in Chicago:
-- 4-6 shopping bags of books from Neil Rest

4-part harmony )

I'm heading downstairs to the Toy Room. There's still room in the back seat for my computer bag (as planned.) And there's room for more books.

To be continued....

(The book count, not the convention.)
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Need more room on your bookshelves? Want to help attract science fiction & fantasy readers to fannish activities such as Worldcon and also other cons, gatherings, and clubs?

The Science Fiction Outreach Project (SFOP) will put your extra genre books to good use, giving them away to readers next month at C2E2, the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo. Each book will have a bookmark promoting Worldcon, local conventions, and the groups sponsoring the outreach project.

MCFI is one of those sponsors, giving SFOP a donation and running a book drive. We're collecting books at the NESFA Clubhouse through Wednesday, March 21st and also at the NESFA Other Meeting at the Hertels on Sunday, March 25th. Books donated to the project can be the lure for new fans!

SFOP's primary sponsor this year is Chicon 7. You are actually donating the books to them, and they are a 501(c)(3) corporation.

How to donate books in person, by mail, and other 4-part harmony )

More About the Science Fiction Outreach Project
Last year, SFOP was at Wondercon in San Francisco, where they gave away some 6,000 books they'd collected from fans, clubs, publishers, and more. Reports in File 700 and on the SFSFC website. Plus photos of the booth at Wondercon and other parts of the huckster's room by [ profile] magscanner.

The Wondercon SF Outreach was sponsored by RCFI/Renovation, Chicon 7, London in 2014, CanSMOF, SFSFC, LASFS, MCFI, NESFA, and SCIFI as well as a private donor. Seven conventions hosted book drives. Similar efforts are underway this year: there was a book drive at Capricon and there will be one at Minicon, too.

You don't have to be a member of Facebook to see what Science Fiction Outreach Project – USA is posting there.

If you have additional questions, please contact me. Thanks! I look forward to seeing just how many books will fit in my car....

Edited to correct WonderCon photo credit to [ profile] magscanner.


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