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Many thanks to all who are posting replies to my Minneapolis Music and Applecon ramblings. I was traveling most of the day Monday, and am crashing out at what US Airways curiously thinks is my permanent address in Middleton, MA. I guess it must have been my lack of hesitation when I rattled off the street address to deliver my delayed bag to, though the fact that I didn't know the ZIP code really should have tipped them off.

I had a remarkably stress-prone travel day, far more than one would expect considering both flights arrived at their destinations about 20 minutes early. Film at 11...some other day. I couldn't stay awake for the last half hour of watching Antiques Roadshow (Spokane) with [ profile] debgeisler and [ profile] benveniste, and I just want to fall over now.

Tuesday is full up and then some until 5pm or so, then I am likely to go into recovery mode for a day or so. I'll be back chatting and responding more when I can. Here are a couple of quick ones tonight:

[ profile] markiv1111, later this week at the very soonest. Sorry.

[ profile] mizzlaurajean, yes, you're welcome to cross-post or comment on anything I say about Applecon over there. I'll send you Geof's email address.

Everybody -- Applecon was fabulous. It's shine is going to last a long, long time.
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It's 27 years later. Twenty-seven years since Steve Sullivan found the all-night music party at Minicon 17, and told me it would be happening again the next night.

That Saturday night -- April 18th well into the dawn of April 19th, 1981, was a defining moment in my journey toward and into fandom. [ profile] fredcritter played "All Along the Watchtower" and "Mississippi Half-step Uptown Toodeloo." I knew nothing of the Grateful Dead and found the lyrics impossible to decode, but in a friendly, inviting way. And, oh, the music. Oh, yes, the music.

[ profile] markiv1111 broke a string and left the room to replace it. When he returned, he announced he'd written a song while he was gone, and promptly proceeded to sing it. It was smooth, complete, and very finished-sounding. An hour or so later, the same thing happened again. I didn't believe it at the time -- I thought it was a standing joke among the group, among those in the know.*

Then Reed Waller sang "Spoon River," and I knew I was home. Until that point, I'd only ever heard Josh White, Jr., sing the Michael Smith song at his concerts. Here I was, 600+ miles away from East Lansing, Michigan, the only place I'd seen Josh perform. Here, too, was a treasured piece of my life, a piece of my heart, entwined as it was to begin with.... And, as I have since come to understand, here was my very own Spoon River -- fandom, science fiction fandom.

Thanks to Applecon, I was able to spend this past weekend savoring and celebrating the music that brought me to fandom in the first place.I met new people, caught up with old friends, and just plain had a wonderful, soul-nourishing time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you [ profile] mizzlaurajean,[ profile] lsanderson, [ profile] ybmcu, and everyone at Applecon. This was good, so very good.

I didn't hear "Spoon River" this weekend. [ profile] chasophonic may well have played it when I was out of the room. I never requested the song, or any other song, for that fact. The music endures, the music changes. The same is true of the musicians as well as all of us in the audience. I was happy to wait and discover what came next, with no needs to hear a special song, a particular song. For a song that wasn't even on my mind until we started sharing stories at the Music and SF panel I was on Sunday morning, it's interesting to discover just how much I identify it with all that went so well this weekend. I think it's that sense of homecoming, that sense of belonging, and especially that sense of discovering and helping create something new.

None of the examples I can find online come close enough to either Josh White, Jr.'s or Reed Waller's interpretations of the song, so a link to the Spoon River lyrics will have to suffice. For now, anyway.

May we all experience and savor the hope and everyday comfort of riding through the morning....

* Historical footnote: Anyone who knows him will not be surprised to hear that Nate indeed did write two songs that night. And many more in the 27 years since.
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After Teresa Chandler's concert, I opted to miss the Korean drumming in favor of [ profile] chasophonic's liquid nitrogen ice cream. I've heard about the stuff for years, but hadn't ever seen it being made or tasted it.

I checked the other program room -- nope. Somebody there said they'd heard it wasn't happening. Sad face. I checked the consuite. Nope, no sign of Chas, no tank of nitrogen. So I headed down to my room to deal with a couple of computer-related things that need my attention. Checked LJ first, as I so often do. And there was [ profile] lsanderson's picture of ice cream being made. He posted it right after his Korean drumming shot, and I recognized the background as being the same room I'd been in for Teresa's concert.

Zoom! Out the door, up the stairs. Got there just in time to see the second bunch of nitrogen being poured in. Tasted it. Mmmm. Cold. Creamy. Really creamy. Mmmm. Others commented the vanilla was overly strong; I didn't find it so.

I helped with cleanup -- the bowl was a tad small for the job and the boiling cream, sugar, and vanilla bubbled over in the making. Then Chas made a second batch. I saw the whole process. Very good. All thanks to friends, and living in the future. Excellent. Truly excellent.

Then there's [ profile] debgeisler. She called to tell me how Mother Nature outwitted the Boston weather forecasters. "Oh, dear, is it already snowing?" I asked. (There's suppose to be snow there Monday night, just in time for my return. I am doomed.)

Hey, it was possible. It's snowing here in the Twin Cities. Itty bitty flakes, thank goodness. I don't think it's accumulating, but the view out the window is snow until you can't see any further 'cause there's so much snow in the air.

Snow. Boston. Right. Well, wrong. It's 71, sunny, gorgeous. Deb just had to call and share that with me.

Friends. I love my friends. The feeling's mutual, and that just makes it all the better.

Snow or no snow, life is good. Life is utterly problematic and oh, so good.
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Everyone in the Twin Cities, and especially those here at Applecon, can thank me for the sight of brown and green grass, wet but clear pavement, and the delightfully small number of tiny piles of lumpy snow leavings that can be occasionally seen scattered about.

I brought my boots, thereby ensuring I wouldn't need them, which means nobody else needs theirs, either.

Yay! I'm at Applecon and the snow isn't!
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The 9.2 inches of snow has been downgraded to 6.7 inches in the Weather Alarm box, and the National Weather Service has this to say:


[ profile] docinghair mentioned that the south edge of the Twin Cities is right on the rain/snow line. I'll pack the boots, but will also jump at the chance to leave them in my car if the reports out of tonight indicate that Bloomington is remaining snow-free or only getting dusted with the stuff. (For values of "dusted" that equal 3" or less....which just goes to show you what M states this girl has spent her life in.)


-- Finance class = attended (morning session this week so I can get over to Middleton before the wee hours)

-- Gas tank = filled

-- Taxes = done and mailed (including first quarter estimateds)

-- Project that I didn't know was going to print today = sent to print

-- Sister's b'day prezzie = mailing box located, but nothing wrapped or mailed yet. Sorry, sis! It's a comin'

Still to do:

-- Bill for project
-- Pack, pack, pack
-- Drive to Middleton

...and a bunch of little stuff that's going to be hard to plow through given that I'd really like to be on the road in 90 minutes or less.

It's absolutely gorgeous here today. Even though I was running short of time, I couldn't resist walking up to the post office rather than driving. The spring peepers are out; it's getting noisy!

The whole notion of leaving this to fly utterly perverse, even for me. You bet I'm doing it anyway. It's Applecon! Complete with links to a bunch of the 4-part harmony!

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Bring Warm Clothes is a book about Minnesota history by Peg Meier that was published in 1981, two years after I moved to Minneapolis. It's not supposed to be packing advice for a brief, Spring weekend trip four years after I moved away.

I was concerned earlier today when I read [ profile] pegkerr's LJ post and saw that 2-4 inches of snow were predicted by Friday, the day I'm flying in. I've been gifted with a trip to Applecon and I'm really looking forward to a weekend of music, a weekend of fun times with Gavi and dozens of other friends and loved ones.

I am not looking forward to a weekend of snow. Okay, 3-4 inches wouldn't be that bad. I'd have to pack mittens, sure, and take my winter jacket, but I can slog through 3-4 inches of snow in my walking shoes.

Only now the forecast calls for 9.2 inches of heavy, dreaded white stuff between Thursday and Saturday. Nine. Point. Two. Inches.

It would be fair play if I'd moved somewhere tropical, somewhere it never snows. But I didn't. I moved to Massachusetts. Here in Massachusetts, we know plenty damned well what 9.2 inches of snow looks and feels like. Minnesota does not need to remind me. Not. Not. Not.

I've taken my boots back out of the closet. They spend the winter in the mudroom entrance, where they're at hand and easy to put on. I put them in the closet a week or two ago, when it was clear I wouldn't be wearing them here until November, or perhaps even later.

The boots are confused, and grouchy from having been woken from their long 3-season snooze. I don't blame them.

I'm still looking forward to Applecon!
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Next April, I expect to be in Minneapolis for Apple Con, soaking in the music and fun until my ears wrinkle and then some. I hope to see lots of friends from LJ and beyond there, and to meet some new ones, too!

Friday night, the Apple Con folks threw a party at Windycon, and I'm betting that it was good fun, too. Heck, it may still be going on. 'Cause I received a couple of late-night email messages from an odd address containing several numbers that bear a striking resemblance to [ profile] minnehaha K's cell number. The first came with a picture of my very favorite [ profile] dr_whuh! I met my fellow BattleCreecian at another music party in Chicago 25 entire years ago. What a long, strange trip it's been!

What a long, strange trip may it continue to be....

See you on the Funway!

(Yes [ profile] mizzlaurajean, I noticed your use of that a few days back, and was charmed.)


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