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Aug. 13th, 2009 10:55 pm
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I've spent the last two days sleeping, eating sushi, soaking in a jacuzzi tub, hanging out with friends, and sleeping some more. Friday I plan to head for Toad Woods, where there is no sushi, no jacuzzi, and friends only at the end of the net connection. I expect I'll be sleeping even more once I get there.

On the personal front, I had the best Worldcon I've had in this millennium.

A few days before heading to Montreal, I wrote:

"I won't be doing my usual all parties all the time routine in Montreal, and I'll step back from the
heavy lifting I usually do without thinking. (It's been a long, long summer on that front.)

"I need to pace myself considerably more than anyone who has ever seen me at a Worldcon has reason or evidence to think possible, including myself."

I failed miserably on pacing, though I was good about backing away from most of the heavy lifting. On Sunday, I messed up on the lifting then spent 36-48 hours lifting nothing over 3-4 pounds and not bending over after my body made it clear that there are still weak spots inside.

Even though I did push myself way harder than was reasonable, the mix of parties hosted, parties attended, good conversations, hanging out with friends, time out of the hotel, real meals eaten, program, and lending a helping hand to the Consuite and other parties was superb.

More later. It's time to sleep now.
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...multitudes of them for a good, long week now. I am given to understand there's photographic evidence of some of them. I had something brief to post last night that rather encompassed it all, but of course don't remember what that was now.

I'm hanging out with Sharee Carton, [ profile] lsanderson, Ranger Craig and his family, and a few others here and there this afternoon. Sometime after rush hour, I'll head over to [ profile] papersky's and turn into a zombie there.

Oh. Logic mistake. I'm already a zombie.

I still may get into that jacuzzi at [ profile] lesliet_ma's. Then again, doing so could well be dangerous at this point.

See you on the Funway...
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The car stayed completely packed until I at last pulled up in front of the Delta tonight, then suddenly it was empty. That's what happens when 10-12 fans are waiting in the lobby to help you unload. A bellhop or two saw the mob and jumped in to help. I think there were only two bellcarts, but there might have been three. Plus various additional bits.

The border crossing was easy-peasy. I got the "Why do you have so much stuff in your car?" question rather than the traditional alcohol or firearms/weapons questions. A minute or two of conversation and I was on my way.

The cops were out en force on the Northway (87). Doing 72 wasn't a problem. Another fan going 80 or a bit faster got nailed.

I'm in the Delta. The first Reno party starts in 17.5 hours, in conference room 532. Whee!
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If you swap out a normal-sized box of tissues for one of those little cube things because it takes up less room in the car, you may be trying to bring too much.

Yeah, I told myself I was swapping the Puffs boxes.

Reno committee member Rick Lindsey sent me the following helpful hints after seeing email I sent last night saying the car was 90% packed. All that was left was finding room for the other 90%. That latter bit includes all my personal luggage and computer, so you can say I'm motivated.

Rick wrote:

Place all excess baggage on top of the car. This is your overhead
baggage area. It is possible these items may shift during the trip and
be completely missing upon arrival, especially if they are not secured.
A neighbor can assist you in seeming to secure these if you wish. You
may instead trunk-check these items by placing them near the rear of the
vehicle, and they will unintentionally be left behind upon your departure.

Since this is an international trip, we ask that you label every one of
your belongings with your credit card number. This will insure that the
proper tariffs can be collected if your belongings arrive with you, or
proper delivery can be expedited if they do not. Please remember to
include the little 3-digit number on the back of the card.

We know you have a choice of carriers, and we are pleased you've chosen
Toad Hall Transportation. "Leaping into the next decade by hard work
and luck!"

I'll be out the door and on the road just as soon as I finish following Rick's advice. I'm a tad worried about the coffee mugs, and even more about the drivers who risk seeing stfnal coffee mugs flying toward their windshields. At least they'll be behind me. And the chocolates are in a styrofoam cooler. That should protect them from the sun beating directly down on the top of the roof.

Why, yes, I am going to the Worldcon. Whee!
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So, here it is, mere hours until I hope to be on the road...and a mere two days after I'd first hoped to set out for Montreal.

There was this magazine that needed laying out, you see, and these four newsletters that were just approved to go to print.....

Yes, life as usual and then some. Laundry is done, the stuff to go in the car is mostly assembled or piled high in visual proximity of the door. Sleep is next, well, after those newsletters go to print. Unless I run into a problem that requires thinking. If so, I'll sleep first, then finish up the files and upload them to the printer in Minnesota.

So what did I do? I read a piece of email, learning an interesting fact about a person I'll meet this weekend, and...

Yup. I had an idea. In the course of putting that idea together, I ran across a tiny, little prezzie I picked up years ago for a friend I'll see Thursday, so wrapped that up.

In short, I did what I've done in the hours before going to a convention for, oh, decades now. I had fun, putting together something totally unplanned, unexpected. A little bit of Geri magic, or Geri weirdness, or thoughtfulness, or something like that. It's that thing I do that I then forget and somebody writes years later about receiving a little ribbon flower when I was a GoH at their first convention, and how welcome it made them's like all those lovely prezzies large and small that I've been on the receiving end of at convention after convention. It's small. Very small. If I've read it right, it will a lovely, unexpected point of fannish connection. If not, well, it was this weird, thoughtful thing I had the joy of doing.

The real win -- in terms of my own realities and needs du jour -- is that it took 20 minutes instead of 3-4 hours like these impulse ideas usually do.

I could still put another week or so to good use. But I've slept 8-9 hours for most of the nights this past week even if I have now been up since Sunday afternoon. I will sleep before driving, and I'll send those newsletters to print, too.

It's Worldcon. I can tell. The real joy of it, personally, is that I am happy. Happy, and ever so grateful for the many kindnesses -- the ever-so-generous fannish gift economy -- that is making the trip possible in the first place.

See you on the Funway....
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1) The Anticipation housing bureau went live & public today -- room reservations are now being accepted and several early reports indicate they're fairly easy to make online. There's also a toll-free number people can call to make reservations over the phone and an address for doing it by mail.

English links:

Chart of hotels & prices, with link to online reservations
Map showing hotel locations in relation to the convention center

As with all of the Anticipation webpages, you can easily toggle back and forth between the English and French versions of each page. Or you can go straight to the French hotel rates page.

2) Reno in 2011 submitted our bid filing last night. Whoohoo! It's just one of many steps in bidding for a Worldcon, but it's a telling one and we're glad to know the filing is safely in the hands of Glenn Glazer, Anticipation's Site Selection administrator a comfortable 8 days before the filing deadline of February 7th.

We're the first of the three bids Glenn is expecting to receive filings from -- Seattle and Raleigh will no doubt be filing their paperwork for the 2011 Worldcon and 2010 NASFiC within the coming week. I'm not so sure about [ profile] npulsifer and his Barrow Point, Alaska 2011 bid, though. It's been awhile since I've heard anything about it, and it hasn't made it onto the bidders list that [ profile] hazelchaz maintains, even as the hoax it set out to be. The Chernobyl bid page seems to have vanished, but Worldcon Lichtenstein is still there. None of the bids will know for sure everyone else who will be on the ballot until February 7th has passed.

Back in 1994, Ross Pavlac wrote an excellent overview of things to think about when voting for a Worldcon bid. The 2-part article first ran in Voyager, the ConAdian newszine, so the 1997 site selection vote is the one mentioned most. It's now 15 years later, but much of what Ross wrote is as true today as it was then. Recommended.


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