Mar. 8th, 2007

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When you live alone, there's really no one to blame when the fireplace matches go missing. I didn't use the last of them -- they're here somewhere. But not in any of the obvious places.

Fortunately, I managed to light the fire with regular, short matches. Burn-free, even. Well, burn-free to me -- the fire's burning quite nicely, thank you very much. And that's a good thing, indeed, given that apparently the pipe feeding heat to the first floor of the Zeppelin Hanger is, um, somewhat frozen and has been for most of two days now. Joy. Now I'm hoping it doesn't split or burst before it thaws. Fun, fun, fun.

The frozen pipe is unfortunately indicative of how my life's been going of late, which has a lot to do with why it's been so long since I updated this journal. Fortunately, I've also had several dollops of good luck along the way, and I'm hoping for another over the next day or two. The space heaters could warm the pipe enough to thaw the frozen spot. (This would be an easier, faster process if I knew where the frozen bit is. That may well be frozen bits by now, given how much pipe has been sitting with cold water in it rather than hot water circulating through it since Tuesday night. I really should have figured out yesterday that it wasn't just taking the first floor a long time to warm up because of the bitter cold outside, but rather that it wasn't warming up at all.)

Other trials, travails, adventures, and more can wait for other posts. For now, I'm going to go make another cup of hot cocoa with cinnamon in it.

Current temperatures:
Geri's office (where I'm not): 54 F.
Living room (where I am): 62 F. (after about 30 minutes with the fire burning)
Nearer the fireplace: warmer. Maybe I should move to the other end of the sofa.
Upstairs: 70 F, or whatever I set the thermostat to. Thank ghu for zone heating!


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