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Snowfall total here at Toad Woods at 1am Wednesday: 20"

I thought I was going to top out at 18", then 19". Even at 20", that's still 10 fewer than friends in Framingham were clobbered with, but I can't say I got off easy. Just a bit easier than I might have....

Electricity hasn't flickered. (Knocking wood, and All That Jazz....) Ditto both for internet connectivity.

Primary shoveling is done except for the last 2 inches. Plow Guy has been by twice to clear the drive; it's in good shape. I still need to shovel out the path to the oil tank refill cap at the back of the house, and probably shovel plow chunks and other snow piled up around my mailbox. I didn't make it up the drive today to see, but it's a safe bet with this much snow.


My back deck, Tuesday afternoon. Window crayon art by [ profile] tnh, [ profile] fredcritter, Gavi, and me.


Ditto that about the deck. Window crayon art by [ profile] minnehaha K.


Whip until soft peaks form. Do not overwhip.

Pictures from February 2011 in my Toad Woods snapshot album (see pages 2 & 3) certainly help put Tuesday's storm into perspective.

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Lest We Forget
Lest We Forget

Spring has officially sprung, but I understand my friends in Minneapolis received 5 inches of heavy, white stuff yesterday. We had a dusting of snow here in Wales. Even though it was chilly today, the dusting part of the white stuff is gone. But the hillside with the pond is still completely snow-covered and Plow Mountain is hanging in there even though it's been melting for well over 4 weeks now.

I swept the garage out last week, and swept the concrete apron in front of it, too. So spring must be on its way, right? If you need any reminder of the winter we've left behind, click on the image and then move forward to see 15 more snow-filled shots from Friday, February 4th when Plow Guy came down the drive in his front-end loader and terraformed the entire Plow Mountain Range, making it possible for me to get more than 20 feet out of my garage.
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Yes, the one in Massachusetts.

It's been snowing for hours. It's the fine, little flakes that fill the sky and take forever to accumulate, so we've only added 2" to the snow already piled high on the ground.

The 4-8" of snow that we were supposed to get the rest of today (followed by another 1-3" tonight) has been downgraded to 3-6". Lest you think this good news, I will also mention that the 0.3" of ice that was forecast is now listed at 0.8" of ice.

My meeting in Cambridge tonight was cancelled. My class at the elementary school gym here in Wales was cancelled. I have a holiday box of Lush treats from [ profile] lsanderson and fresh, clean sheets on the bed. The only drawback to the day and night ahead is that the Cocoa Latte is with the rest of the Reno party supplies that I left at the NESFA Clubhouse. I don't have to have the Cocoa Latte to make hot cocoa; the small kitchen appliance just makes cocoa dead simple and frothy, too.

Oh, there is that little matter of having piles and piles of stuff that needs doing, um, now.

Fortunately, they're pretty much all inside projects.. Win-win.

Stay warm, everybody.


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