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How is it that I just heard about Nuit blanche tonight, halfway through the all-night art event in Toronto? It's the 7th annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art in the city. Other cities in Canada and in Europe also celebrate Nuit blanche, though not necessarily the same night. It was two weeks ago in Calgary, last Saturday night in Ottawa, and in Paris on October 6th. Montreal does it in March!

But tonight, tonight I wish I were in Toronto.

I'd love to be part of Andrew Kearney's Skylum, 2012 and to see Daniel Barrow's Telling Stories. I'd love to hear Katie Patarson's Earth-Moon-Earth (Moonlight Sonata Reflected from the Surface of the Moon>, 2007, and to see as many more of the 150+ projects as I possibly could, all the while enjoying the night in the city.

Maybe next year. Or maybe in New York, if the 2013 Nuit Blanche plans there come to fruition, and especially if the date coincides with Gavi's fall break. Probably not; the break is scheduled for mid-October in 2013. But NYC is close enough to Northampton and the timing is such that we might be able to make it work anyway.

Speaking of making things work right here and now in 2012, come the weekend of November 9-11, I'm going to be in Toronto running the consuite at SFContario 3. Diane Lacey & Catherine Crockett are co-chairing this year's convention, and the GoH line-up of Jo Walton, Jon Singer, and Chris Garcia is so totally worth the trip to Toronto well before Geri-style hospitality is added to the mix.

So, hey, think about it, okay? If you're coming (yay!), be sure to reserve your room at the Ramada Plaza Toronto soon. The hotel sold out last year.
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I'm tidying up a bit and just came across a left-over fortune cookie from the pre-All Worldcons, All the Time Bheer Tasting Chinese dinner a group of us had delivered to the party room at SFContario.

Okay, [ profile] kip_w, [ profile] malibrarian, Sarah, [ profile] fringefaan, and Pat Virzi: which one of you does the cookie's fortune belong to? It's clearly not mine, much as I might wish otherwise:

"You have balance and foresight, and you can envision the ideal direction that events should take."

Let me know, and I'll send the fortune your way.

I ate your cookie. Handling charges, don'cha know?
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Nineteen days. 2,573.8 miles. Priceless good times and at least one unanticipated adventure that turned out delightfully well. Yay, life!

Framework and Highlights, with many egoscanning opportunities therein )

The Zeppelin Hangar was still standing when I finally pulled in the driveway Sunday evening. A heavy box was propped by the door. Inside the box, I found the beautimous, 608-page Acutonics book From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine. Noted typographer and book designer John D. Berry brought me to implement his design and do the layout on the project for Ellen Franklin. While most readers of this journal know John through his beautiful design work on fanzines and as a long-time science fiction fan, he's also the current president of Association Typographique Internationale, a past director of the Type Directors Club, and also former editor and publisher of Upper & lower case magazine (U&lc) and of U&lc Online. Heady company, indeed. I loved the opportunity to work with John, and would gladly do so again anytime, anywhere.

I'm both proud of and thrilled with the appearance of the finished book. I heartily recommend Asia Pacific Offset for printing enormous, 4-color books. Many thanks to John for bringing me in on the project and handing me the best, most complete design template I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and also to Ellen for her outstanding organizational skills, attention to detail, and patience as we brought the magnum opus to fruition.

So, yes, a great trip, and a great welcome home. Now it's back to the rest of that magazine layout and other work, work, work!
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Just sayin'

Photos to follow.

And the next time you hear her accusing me of being over the top? Please just remind her of SFContario and the All Worldcons, All the Time Bheer Tasting, a party she's not even going to be at.
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Kudos to SFContario! Not only were Alex, Merle, and Marah (SFContario Chair, Chair's wife, and Vice-chair) waiting for us in the lobby when we pulled into the Ramada at 12:15 am, there was a gorgeous and thoughtfully assembled gift basket waiting for me in the room. If we'd wanted the entire car emptied tonight, Alex, Merle, & Marah would have gladly pitched in to ease the process. (We didn't; we wanted whatever personal bags we could get to.)

I've known Alex & Marah for years; it was a total delight to finally meet Merle. It was a total delight to be so warmly and thoughtfully welcomed at such an hour. And, as Alex pointed out, it seemed quite possible that we might be hungry, having missed the dinner after Michael Swanwick's reading at the Merril hours earlier. He would have not just told us where the 24-hour diner was, he would have accompanied us there so we'd have company if we wanted it.

Tonight is for sleeping, which I truly am going to do soon, soon, soon. Thank you, SFContario, for doing such a fabulous job of looking after me right from the get-go. Wow.

P.S. Border crossing was totally smooth and easy. Nice. Many thanks also to [ profile] fringefaan for doing most of the driving, and to Ron Drummond for the cd that is totally to my taste, and in interesting ways, too; for his fine company from the moment we arrived at his home on the river, through our a late lunch/early dinner in Troy, and to seeing us safely on the road again; and for walking us by the family home where Herman Melville wrote his first two books.

Okay, tired. Tired. I have no idea if that P.S. is coherent or not. I'm pulling my keyboard privileges until I've slept for at least 6 consecutive hours. Here's hoping for 8 or even 9.
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In a little over 24 hours, [ profile] fringefaan will marvel at just how much c/r/a/p/ Much Needed Stuff can be jammed into my car. We'll take our seats, set the needle at 500, and we'll be there in an hour...ummm...we'll head west to Troy, and then on to Toronto for Author GoH Michael Swanwick's reading at the Merril and other festivities. Right. That's the ticket.

Friday afternoon will likely be filled with Pat Virzi's arrival, searching out the cookie outlet for the one and only plant in the world where Mallomars are made, much though I don't expect to find any Mallomars there, and discovering just how much damage I can do picking up yummy Canadian microbrews to further fill out the rather astonishing line-up that currently fills the back end of my car. Luggage? What luggage? Certainly we can do without luggage when there's bheer filling the car. Bheer, fanzines, toys, party supplies, and a bunch of stuff I've no doubt forgotten already. Thank goodness I'm not flying. Those 56 batteries would probably worry any number of TSA folks, especially if they took note of the toys those batteries are destined for. No, not those kind of toys....

I do believe I've nattered my way pretty much to the start of my fun bits on the SFContario program:Clickety click )
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SFContario, the new sf convention in Toronto next November, announced that its Author GoH is Michael Swanwick. Huzzah! I've enjoyed his company since sharing a table with Michael and his wife, Marianne Porter, at a Boskone Dead Dog Dinner about 10 years ago, and I've enjoyed his writing far longer than that.

For an online taste, read or listen to "Zeppelin City" by Michael Swanwick and Eileen Gunn at If I understand correctly, the Michael & Eileen's reading was recorded at this year's Readercon. Tasty, tasty.
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This weekend next year I have the honor of being the FanGoH at SFContario, a new convention in Toronto. Better yet, my fellow GoHs include my dear friends for life, Editor GoHs Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Filk GoH Karen Linsley. I'll be watching the SFContario website and [ profile] dlacey's LiveJournal for the announcement of SFContario's Author GoH.

Diane is running programming, so there's the added delight of working with her on that. I understand Catherine Crockett has the consuite, again making it easy to arrange some sort of Toad Woods Toronto or similar event there. I don't get there often, but I've loved Toronto since my first visit there in 1986 through my most recent for Corflu in 2006. I'm glad to know I'll be returning next November and sharing SFContario with fine, fine folks such as these. And others of you reading this, too, I hope!

SFContario: November 19-21, 2010. Ramada Plaza Toronto.


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