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Photos to follow when I can pretend to have time, but for starters, here are the 50 signs [ profile] smofbabe, [ profile] debgeisler, [ profile] benveniste, and I liked well enough for me to make note of at the Rally.

50 signs that amused us )

And here's a bonus supplement with a couple of the signs [ profile] starstraf and Pooch particularly liked seeing as they watched the Rally on TV:

I fought the Nazis & Obama doesn't look like one (carried by an elderly man)

Hyperbole is Destroying this Country

I regret my decision to carry a heavy sign all day


Oct. 31st, 2010 03:04 am
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The subject line reflects the number of steps for the day on my pedometer. There were at least ten times more people at the Rally to Restore Sanity and I'm thrilled to have been one of them.

It was enormous fun. Being there was my favorite part. Being there with [ profile] smofbabe, [ profile] benveniste, and [ profile] debgeisler magnified my fun by a factor of ten, or maybe a hundred. Such good friends. The signs were awesome. I laughed at so many things that it's hard to choose a favorite, but the mash-up between Yusef Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and Ozzy Osbourne took my breathe away with its sheer unexpectedness. Of everything said, Jon Stewart's Closing Comments came out tops and then some.

I made notes and took pictures of entertaining signs. With luck, I'll get some of them posted, oh, sometime in here. But tonight? Tonight I am going to sleep, sleep, sleep.
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Years ago, I happily wore one of the FOMS ribbons [ profile] tammylc was handing out. When in convention mode, my fear of missing something clearly contributes to my tendency to skip sleeping in favor of, well, just about anything. Yes, I know about the 5-2-1 rule. My own application of it is supplemented by [ profile] carnyjack's, [ profile] drwhuh's, [ profile] kaffyr's, and my long-held truth: Food is Sleep. (Sleep is not food, but food is sleep.)

Today I acknowledge that it's not just conventions. FOMS is one of my core traits; it's who I am.

And that's why I'm up and ready to head to the Metro at such an unlikely hour. The hotel I'm meeting [ profile] debgeisler, [ profile] benveniste, and [ profile] smofbabe across the street from the Library of Congress Manuscript Reading Room. I can easily spend another 60-90 minutes reading letters sent to Ephraim George Squier 150 years ago before I join them for the day's main event, the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear).

I'm so there. Luckily, it's in person rather than watching it live on the intertubes starting at noon.

The schedule.
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10.30.10 Washington DC. On the Mall.

Where will you be on October 30th? A friend of mine from California just spent frequent flyer miles to be in Washington, DC for Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. I'm hoping to be there, too.

Jon Stewart announced the Rally at the beginning of The Daily Show on Thursday. Stephen Colbert followed with his announcement of the March to Keep Fear Alive scheduled for the same time at the same place. (The announcement starts about 3:55 into The Colbert Report video.)

Entertaining though I'm sure Stephen Colbert's march will be, I'm much more in tune with restoring sanity in our nation. And doing it with laughter is enough to make the 400 mile trip worthwhile. If only for the opportunity to carry one of the signs they promise to provide. "Got Competence?" is my fave, but I'm also fond of "I disagree with you, but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler."


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