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The Kickstarter clock just turned over to 28 hours to go on the campaign for the Cats Laughing reunion concert at Minicon 50.

The campaign currently has 282 backers and is just over $20,000, which means that not only will the reunion concert happen (complete with rehearsals beforehand), it will be Livestreamed, there will be a concert CD, and a concert DVD! They're aiming for Stretch Goal Tier Four, which would include an Opening Act (to be named later, IIUC), various audio and video improvements, and a T-shirt cannon. They're already well enough along on the 4th Stretch Tier that they've added Scott Keever as an additional Cat, bringing the band to its original Cat 5 size.

Beyond the sheer fact that it's happening, I'm most excited about the Livestream of the concert because that's the only way I'll be able to see it in real time. I'm jumping at the unexpected chance to attend Eastercon thanks to the Corflu Fifty (fan fund) sponsoring my trip to Tynecon III: The Corflu in Newcastle upon Tyne the weekend before. I've only wanted to go to Eastercon for 25 years and then some. It's pretty much the only thing I can imagine voluntarily keeping me away from Minicon 50 even before plans were hatched for the Cats Laughing reunion there. Meg Frank and I will be at Dysprosium and plan to watch the concert in whatever wee hours it runs. I hope we're able to turn it into a viewing party with others there. Twenty-four hour fandom lives!

So, yes, I'm supporting the Cats Laughing Kickstarter. For $73, of course. $19.73 would have worked, but I wanted to support (and get a copy of) the concert DVD even before I knew if they'd hit the funding level needed to create it. $197.30 and other likely permutations were appealing, but beyond my current means so I resisted temptation.

Most people reading this post have likely already supported the campaign at whatever level works for them. But a few could be reading about it for the first time here. If so, and if you're so inclined, please head on over to the Cats Laughing Reunion Concert Kickstarter page before midnight Saturday Minnesota time and kick in whatever works for you. Or just add a comment telling Dee & Corwin Brust how awesome they are for launching the campaign in the first place. You can also follow the updates on the Cats Laughing Facebook page, open so those of us not there can see it.

Whoohoo! Yay, Cats Laughing!

(Why, yes, the reunion concert makes me extraordinarily happy. So glad it's happening, and to be helping make that so.)
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...I'm glad I took a moment to stop, reflect, and remember that it is sometimes better to miss out on a chance to build friendships and community in order to avoid the appearance (and perhaps action) of mocking the religious beliefs of the very people you're trying to build friendships and community with.

And that's why the mini Easter basket of seasonal treats I took to the folks at the transfer station this morning had three yellow chick Peeps, two standard marshmallow bunny Peeps, and nary a single Cthulhu Peeps. And the same will probably be true of the basket I plan to drop off at the neighbor's house in another hour or so.

But thanks to Andra, who taught me how to make Cthulhu Peeps way back at...Minicon 34, I think...the bowl of Easter treats I'm taking to share with friends I'm having dinner with tonight? That bowl will be amply protected by minions of the Elder God Himself.
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MCFI's book drive from the Science Fiction Outreach Project has just passed 400 books and we're looking for more! Progress as of March 15th:

In my car:
-- 245 books donated by Ben Yalow
-- 33 books donated at the NESFA Clubhouse, including 17 from Tony & Suford Lewis
-- 28 books donated by Mark & Priscilla Olson

At Toad Woods:
-- 33 books culled from upstairs shelves
-- 66 paperbacks culled from shelves in the Toy Room

At the NESFA Clubhouse:
-- 5 books in the SF Outreach donation box

Already in Chicago:
-- 4-6 shopping bags of books from Neil Rest

Current total: 410 books + Neil's donation

The Prediction Poll remains open. C'mon over and see me demonstrate how I don't know the difference between a circle and a square.

More Book Drives and drop off points
Susan de Guardiola is organizing a SFOP book drive down at Lunacon this weekend. If you're going to Lunacon, you can drop off adult, YA, and kids science fiction and fantasy books there. Novels, short stories, anthologies -- all are welcome! As before, fans can also donate books at the NESFA Clubhouse, and at the NESFA Other Meeting at the Hertels on Sunday, March 25.

Joel Phillips announced there will be a SFOP book drive at Minicon on Easter Weekend. Donated books will be heading to Chicago from all directions!

Donating Books by Mail
If you're not able to bring books to Lunacon, the NESFA Clubhouse, the NESFA Other Meeting, or Minicon, you can still participate in the SFOP Book Drive by sending books to:

Chicon 7
Attn: Science Fiction Outreach Project
P.O. Box 13
Skokie, IL 60076

SFOP recommends sending them via USPS Media Mail.

Please send books by Saturday, March 31 to assure they arrive in Chicago in time for C2E2.

The Science Fiction Outreach Project looks forward to giving away the donated books to readers at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo next month, and to chatting up fandom and conventions in the process!
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Picked up from the [ profile] minicon and [ profile] mnstf LJ communities:

The Minicon Pre-Registration head is attempting to reconstruct the database of who has attended Minicon in the past, and to update our information.

If you've ever attended a Minicon, please fill out the survey.

Because the survey includes the location, guests and themes of each convention, it's also a good memory jog to help remember which ones you've attended.

I love that the penguin, stars, and dinosaur stickers became a lasting tradition there. :-) Minicon is, after all, where they started. Right around 1990 or so.
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Eleven years ago today, I was at Minicon 33, putting marshmallow Peeps chicks on Dave Langford's and Mike Ford's joint birthday cake. Dave's expression reflected a suitable sense of horror; Mike knew to expect such things from me.

Even then, I'd been wanting to get to an Eastercon for years. That remains a dream on a rapidly-receding event horizon.

So I must be time-traveling, because as I type this LJ post, I'm watching and listening to Greg Pickersgill interview Eastercon FanGoHs Bill & Mary Burns on LXtra ustream tv live from Eastercon LX in Bradford.

I love living in the future.

[ profile] ceemage will likely be broadcasting some other times over the weekend, and there's the chat window where those of us who aren't there can kibbutz whether or not we're connected to Bradford at any given moment.


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