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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the yarn inside's delightful...

My Favorite Mohair
My Favorite Mohair
One pound. 980 yards of luscious beauty. My favorite Rhinebeck find to date. And just look at the rich tone of the boucle behind. It came from Grandpa's Garage at WEBS.

Click through on the image to my incomplete Knitters Knit gallery, then forward to see photos of the rest of my stash. Well, most of it anyway.

Fiber folks, please consider yourself encouraged to Flash Your Stash.
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Step 1: Go to

If you see knitted gangrene, read accompanying copy. Then read Note 1 below.

If you don't see knitted gangrene (perhaps because it is no longer 23 September), please proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Go to the BMJ News tab

Repeat "If...." instructions above.

Step 3: Go to this Improbable Research blog post

You should see knitted gangrene there. Read accompanying copy.

Note 1: Once you see knitted gangrene and read the accompanying copy, you don't need to complete any of the latter steps. All links lead to the same information, more or less.

Note 2: For those wary of unknown websites, yes, that's the British Medical Journal BMJ. Really.

Note 3: The picture and article will also be in the print edition of this week's BMJ.

Note 4: Even in today's competitive college application market, I bet not many admission's officers see citations like this from American high school seniors.

Note 5: No, really, I had no idea. I mean, we knew the picture was going to accompany a short article in advance of next Thursday's Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. We were darned excited about that. I had no idea that the article was going to be about the knitted gangrene and the young woman who designed and created it, or that it was going to make the main page of the BMJ website. Yowser.

Note 6: Screen shot behind the cut tag; click on that image for a sampling of other screen shots and article citation info. It's all hanging out in the gallery of Bacteria for the 20th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

Note 73: The ceremony has been sold out for weeks, but everyone's welcome at the LIVE WEBCAST on YouTube. Thursday, September 30th schedule:
Test pattern: 7:05 pm (Boston time)
Webcast begins: 7:15 pm
Ceremony begins: 7:30 pm

Here's where to watch the webcast.

Also, the Ig Informal Lectures at MIT on Saturday, October 2nd, are great fun. Free admission -- but seating is limited. More info awaits those who scroll down the Ig page.

Knitted Gangrene at the BMJ )

Signed: Aunt, Unca, Mother, Friend

(Ref: Robert Lichtman’s Trap Door #13.)
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Streptobacilli. E. coli X 3. Black death (well, purple death in this case). Salmonella. Bacillis. Corynebacteriaceae. Susan, Gavi, and I are busy knitting bacteria for use in the 20th First Annual Ig® Nobel Prize Ceremony. Why bacteria? In honor of this year's theme, which is (wait for it)...Bacteria.

Tickets for the September 30th ceremony go on sale at noon Sunday at the Harvard Ticket Office. Info and links at the Improbable Ig page linked above. That's Sunday as in today, August 1st. This will be my third Ig ceremony. It turns out that Ig fun is clearly cumulative. It may even be exponential; that's certainly been my experience since I signed on with Improbable Research a couple of weeks after the 2007 Ig Nobel prizes were awarded.

"I'm really excited about starting in on gangrene." -- Gavi Levy Haskell, 31July2010

Photos to follow, here and/or on the Improbable Research blog.

So, buy your tickets a come to Harvard University's gorgeous Sanders Theatre, host a viewing party for the webcast wherever you'll be come the day, and/or knit up some bacteria for this year's crop of Ig Nobel prize winners, Nobel Laureates, Ignitaries, and other Improbable suspects. If you send them to me, I'll add them to the petri dish that is my dining table and make sure they get to the ceremony.
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65,250 to go. Stitches that is. And that's for a small blankie, one just 21x30 inches in size (or thereabouts). A mere 150 stitches a row, and 15 rows to the inch. This is going to take a while.

Presuming the lace-weight yarn holds out that long, of course. I have 1600 yards of it, but I've doubled it up, and I've never worked at such a small stitch size before.

The last 10 rows were easier than the first five, and they include the first 5 rows of the 18-row pattern. I'm liking the square circular needles I picked up at Webs when Susan and Gavi were here. They're the first metal needles I've been able to use. The appeal is in the super-flexible cord as much as the square shape of the needles themselves. Much as I favor bamboo, having metal needles for the smaller sizes leaves me much less concerned about breaking them.
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Mohair, Mohair, and More Mohair
My Yarn Haul from Rhinebeck

Here's my 2007 haul from the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. It's fitting, I guess. Two years ago, it was the purchase of several skeins of mohair at Rhinebeck that turned me into a knitter. What's another 3,800+ yards of mohair between friends?

I didn't set out to buy mohair yesterday. I already had well over 10,000 yards of the fuzzy wool in my stash. But I kept being attracted to skeins of multi-toned mohair more than the multitude of other yarns on sale, and when I kept thinking about a particular 1-pound hank after two other mohair purchases, I decided to just go along with the fuzzy yarn theme that had emerged. Other purchases included 4 jars of spiced maple rub, a stone bowl, a denim shirt, an Icelandic sheepskin to delight bare feet as I get out of bed, some sheep's milk cheese, maple cotton candy, and a couple of gifts. Given the size of my stash, it would have been fine if I'd left the fairgrounds without any yarn at all. Utterly bizarre, yes, but fine. My comparatively modest purchases were also fine. Now all I need is more time to knit it all up.

Clicking on the picture of the yarn will take you to my new "Around New England" gallery, which also includes shots taken last week of the Ultraman Hugo visiting the NESFA Clubhouse, and one of the studio shots [ profile] benveniste took of me holding the award.


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