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Pi-Con and Jo Walton have announced that she's Author GoH there August 26-28, 2011.

The convention is in Enfield, CT; the hotel is just 26.5 miles from Toad Woods. I think the timing is right around when Gavi will be moving into Smith. That means I may already have a houseful, but folks interested in coming early, staying late, or making the 45-minute commute should check with me in a few months. I'll probably have a better idea of the available space(s) come late spring/early summer.

General memberships are just $30 through May 1st; student memberships are $25.

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During the Boskone Dead Dog party, [ profile] sfrose updated the NESFA Press e-commerce site and asked [ profile] papersky to post an announcement on her LiveJournal. A few minutes later, the orders started arriving. Actually, the first one showed up just before Jo posted -- someone was watching very closely, or was just plain lucky.

Monday afternoon, I went to the NESFA Clubhouse to help unload the truck as much as I could. That turned out not to be very much -- my left knee is pretty much fully recovered, but four consecutive days of 15,000+ steps following the previous week of taking it really easy left both of my knees tender and not working all that well today. The right knee in particular is really unhappy, probably because it's been doing the heavy lifting while I compensated for the bum left knee.

Okay, enough of that. I cleaned coolers, pulled heavy road cases, pushed flatbed carts, and did whatever else didn't require me to climb stairs while carrying things. And because I was curious, [ profile] sfrose let me help by sorting the e-commerce orders that came in since Saturday afternoon while she worked on the Wednesday night-Friday batch and the Friday-Saturday batch.

My batch contained a satisfying stack of orders for Sibyls & Spaceships and Lifelode. My favorite part was seeing where they came from. In the first 18 hours of online sales, NESFA Press received orders for the Walton GoH publications from 14 states and 2 foreign countries: CA, MO, CO, NJ, VA, MA, TX, NM, DC, WA, NY, ID, NC, and IL, plus Australia and the United Kingdom. Please note, I jotted the location info on a piece of scrap paper and didn't double-check it -- I could well have missed a state or country (or two) in there.

Not bad considering that it was nighttime in most US time zones for at least half of those 18 hours. Not bad at all.
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I picked up the NESFA Press chapbook of Jo Walton's poetry from the printer this afternoon. Ooh, shiny. (For uncoated stock values of shiny, that is.) More details and a picture of the cover are in the announcement on the Boskone LJ.

It's a good thing I left most of the Reno party supplies at the NESFA Clubhouse following Arisia. The back of my car is now mostly full of boxes from printers, and I'm going to have an interesting time fitting in the resale art and my exhibit piece for the Geek Corner...oh, yes, and my luggage. Must remember my luggage.

Here comes Boskone!


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