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I join my niece, Sara, and her husband, Carl, in welcoming their son, Colin Daniel, to the world. Colin was born about 12 hours ago. 9 pounds, 11 ounces. 22.5 inches long. Big baby! I hear he's "very pink and happy."

That is, indeed, the joy of the day!

Edited to correct Colin's birth length.

Bunny First

Jun. 5th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Back at Easter, my sister Sue sent a unique basket my way. Foiled-wrapped eggs and Russell Stover treats were nestled between skeins of cotton yarn sent in anticipation of the babe our elder niece and her husband are expecting in early September.

The tasty chocolates are long gone. I've finally turned my attention to the yarn and book of baby washcloth patterns that came with it. I started the first washcloth last night finished the blue baby bunny pattern today. Next up? The yellow ducky is calling my name....

The washcloths are ideal instant gratification knitting. Thirty-seven stitches to a row, 56 rows of knitting and you're done. Knits and purls form the pattern so there's enough variety to keep it interesting for a couple of hours.

After the ducky, I'll probably do the frog. It's in the Garden Washcloths pattern book also by Melissa Burgland Burnham. I picked it up a couple of years ago just for fun and am glad to finally be putting it to good use.
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My first niece had a busy week.

On Tuesday, her doctor confirmed what she and her husband already knew. Yes, she's pregnant!

That same day, she had an ultrasound. She saw the yolk sac and heard the always welcome news that all looks good so far.

On Friday, she made her first trip to the baby doctor.

Presuming all continues as hoped for on this joyous path, come September, my dad will be a great-grandfather, my sister and I will be great-aunts, my sister-in-law will be a grandmother, and my second niece will become an aunt, just like I did when her sister was born in 1972.


Two particular great-aunts had a remarkable formative influence on my life thanks to their career choice that lead to the formation and 30-40 year existence of the Twinzy Toy Company. I'm just short of 20 years on PROmote Communications, and hope to get a similar run from it.

And so the circle continues to turn, with joy and a lifetime of love.


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