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Same Daddy, Same Chair. Previous Generation
Same Daddy, Same Chair. Previous Generation
Here's my Dad, Dan Fitzgerald, sitting in his favorite chair when it was considerably newer. My younger niece, Anne, is sitting on his lap. I don't know the exact year --I think it's somewhere around 1980 or shortly thereafter. Certainly before 1982, when the camera went out of commission for most of 20 years. Polaroid SX-70 photo by Geri Fitzgerald Sullivan.

As usual, click through and then up to the Fitzgeralds gallery if you're into that sort of thing. (Or the link takes you directly there.) I added nine more family photos from most of 30 years ago.
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I join my niece, Sara, and her husband, Carl, in welcoming their son, Colin Daniel, to the world. Colin was born about 12 hours ago. 9 pounds, 11 ounces. 22.5 inches long. Big baby! I hear he's "very pink and happy."

That is, indeed, the joy of the day!

Edited to correct Colin's birth length.


Jun. 28th, 2008 02:24 pm
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Skater Doll is mine! Yes, it's a Twinzy Toy.

Skater Doll, photo from William H. Bunch auction catalog
Skater Doll, photo from William H. Bunch auction catalog
This Twinzy Toy was part of the inventory from the Yellow Brick Road Doll and Toy Museum sold at auction during the summer of 2008 after museum owners Dorothy and Steve Tancraitor retired. It is the second Twinzy Toy I've found thanks to the internet and the first Twinzy pull toy in my small collection.

You may be wondering just what heck a Twinzy Toy is. Well, unless you've been to my basement Toy Room or remember my past mentions of my great-aunts and the Twinzy Toy Company they ran in a corner of their father's tag factory in Battle Creek, Michigan, in which case your memory has already told you why I'm so delighted with this addition to my collection.

Blanche and Bernice Squier -- Auntie Blanche and Auntie Bun -- started the Twinzy Toy Company in 1918. Yes, they were identical twins. They started making dolls and selling them to friends just before they went to college. They completed their freshman year, then decided that there was enough demand for their dolls that they would start selling them commercially instead of returning to school. That was the end of their college education, and the beginning of business that ran for roughly 35 years. They had a trade show booth at the New York Toy Fair for years, and Twinzy Toys were sold in department and toy stores nationwide. Marshall Field's was one of their many customers.

Today, Twinzy Toys are all but unknown. )

The adventure even has its own lagniappe. I called [ profile] minnehaha K. for eBay bidding advice. The situation was complicated by this being a live auction, and I'm an eBay novice to boot. It turns out that her friend, the Queen of PEZland, lives near Chadds Ford, PA, where the auction was being held. K. and Amy have been antiquing there!

The auction house doesn't do their own shipping. If the timing works out, Amy will pick up Skater Doll from them and ship it my way. If not, I'll use the commercial shipper used by many other auction house customers. I hope Skater Doll visits Amy's PEZ collection on its way to me, but it's a win just to be back in touch with her.

The auction notice sent me searching. Much to my surprise, I found Laura Adams recent post about visiting Quaker Park in the Northside Irregular. The park includes the land where the tag and toy factory stood, and her report includes a photo of a Twinzy Toy Historical Marker I didn't know was there! Like most historical markers, it contains an error or two. "They lie like hell" was how my father put it when I read the text to him over the phone. But this post is already long, so I'll leave the details of that for another time.
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Grandpa Waldo, Daddy, and Grandma Dorothy peeking behind
Grandpa Waldo, Daddy, and Grandma Dorothy peeking behind
22 Grand Blvd, Christmas 1968. The chair looks still new, and there's not a puzzle on the walls. But oh, so familiar. Photo by Geri Fitzgerald Sullivan, who was still Mary Beth Fitzgerald at the time she took it. (Okay, just to satisfy those who know it's important: Waldo Emerson Fitzgerald, Daniel Squier Fitzgerald, Dorothy Squier Fitzgerald. Battle Creek, Michigan.

Yes, I'll start putting links in rather than embedding photos RSN. And I'll scan fannish photos, too. And figure out how my Flickr account works. Etc.

Right after I finish up a couple of other things.

Okay, make that several other things.


(In the meanwhile, click on the photo to see it larger, then click again from the gallery to see it larger still. Yeah, the quality sucks, and 39.3 years haven't done the colors any favors either. Ctein could do wonders, no doubt. Me, I'm happy to have it digitized right now.)
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Barry & Bethie
Barry & Bethie
Brother and sister, sittin' in a tree. Barry Allen Fitzgerald and Mary Beth Fitzgerald (Geri Fitzgerald Sullivan) in a tree at the roadside picnic area we often ate at when Barry was at Olivet College. Photo developed October 1966.


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