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The neighbor who invited me to the free Zumba classes just called. They're doing 4 more weeks in mid-May and early June, skipping the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

I'll likely miss one class, presuming my plans to get to Michigan to see my dad and sister work out. I'm looking forward to the others.

Jazzercise was better. (When I took it at work back in the early '80s, that is.) Even after 7 classes, I'm still clumsy with the Latin American dance steps that Zumba is based on, though I am much better following and anticipating the beat of the music. But it's an excellent workout. Our teacher is good and the class setting keeps me moving and pushing myself far more than I ever have when dancing for exercise at home.

And the fact that the Zumba classes are free is just plain great!
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I just did 4,700 of them in an hour. My second Zumba class went better than the first two weeks ago -- the teacher slowed things down (her footwork was super-fast the first week), and the steps were more familiar thanks to having done most of them once.

Zumba is a dance-based exercise class like Jazzercise, only using Latin music and dance steps. An 8-week class is being offered for free here in Wales as part of the town employees' wellness program. The February schedule is tricky thanks to the election and a no school day, so it will be another two weeks until the next class. Then we go weekly; that will be good.

I'm deliberately not linking to the Zumba website; the content content and quality doesn't warrant dealing with the glitz.

I am enjoying both the workout and meeting more of my neighbors. Win-win.

In other "move more" news, I finally seem to have settled into using the NordicTrack ski machine that [ profile] debgeisler and [ profile] benveniste gave me. I'll abandon it for the elliptical I want the moment I'm able to purchase one, but I no longer abhor using the NordicTrack and I rarely feel like I'm about to fall off more than once or twice a session. (While there's no promise of future performance involved, I do note that I've felt like I'm about to fall off the thing hundreds of times, and I have yet to fall or otherwise injure myself once. And being free, it fit the budget beautifully.)

All that Peeps shopping yesterday put 14,500+ steps on my pedometer. That kind of step count is normally unheard of unless I'm traveling. So, yes, it's a good couple of days on the move more front. And surprising, considering that I'm spending most of my days and nights doing design and layout here at my computer.
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This morning, my scales reflected the happy news that in another four-tenths of a pound, I'll have dropped 20 since mid-April. In pursuit of shedding another 6.4 ounces (yes, I know my units of measure aren't that precise in real life), I walked up to the post office this afternoon. I even remembered to bring along a lawn'n'leaf trash bag -- and gloves -- for the walk home.

The bag isn't stuffed to the brim, but it's heavy enough that I'm feeling smug about picking up the trash on the way home rather than on the way there. More virtuous activity awaits -- I'll don the gloves again and sort out the cans and bottles that can be recycled.

It's a gorgeous afternoon for a walk, very reminiscent of being Up North in the summers of my childhood. Sunny skies with little white puffs of cloud here and there, cool temps (in the low 60s). Warm enough in the sun while walking, refreshing in the shade or when exposed to the breezy bits. Very woodsy, even along the roadside. Nice, nice, nice.

There's nothing all that interesting in the litter I picked up. The quantity of beer cans and liquor bottles pretty much equaled the number of discarded coffee cups, soda cans, water bottles, and Gatorade bottles. One of the latter had never been opened. Huh. Lots of empty cigarette packs. I didn't pick up butts, with one exception. Someone had carefully collected two or three partially-smoked cigarettes into a Zip-Loc bag, then tossed that by the roadside. Hey, at least they made it easy to pick up their litter. No diapers or anything else really gross. No syringes or needles, either. That's a welcome improvement compared to what you had to watch out for while out walking in my previous neighborhood.

Onward. More opportunities for virtue await.

Du Jour

May. 18th, 2007 02:57 pm
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It's cold and rainy. Cold as in 40 degrees Fahrenheit cold. Brrr.

I walked up to the post office anyway. Mailed client stuff and a birthday package to Daddy. He turns 84 next Wednesday! It's more than a tad remarkable that he's made it this long. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a good 20 years ago, and other medical problems have followed in the years since. The medical issues and age have certainly slowed him down, but he's still out there gardening, walking three times a day, cooking healthy meals, and enjoying sitting in the very same armchair that was a Father's Day present more than 35 years ago. He insists it's still comfortable.

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The pumpkin whoopie pie diet )

It looks like we have a rainy weekend ahead. I think I'll run errands now, while the skies are merely grey, then hole up inside and work on the tricky bit of a fun knitting project for [ profile] smofbabe, finally stain the CD shelf I bought last summer, and attend to other tasks awaiting my attention. More likely, I'll get to one or maybe two of these things, and spend all too much time surfing the net instead!


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