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FAAn Awards just presented at Corflu 31 in Richmond, VA:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ray Nelson

Best Genzine: Banana Wings, edited by Mark Plummer & Claire Brialey

Best Personal Fanzine: Flag, edited by Andy Hooper

Best Single Issue: Trap Door #30, edited by Robert Lichtman

Best Web­site:

Best Fanzine Cover: Inca 9 cover by Harry Bell

Best Fan Artist or Cartoonist: Steve Stiles

Best Fan Writer: Andy Hooper

Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award for Best Letterhack: Robert Lichtman


Corflu 31 GoH (picked from a hat as is traditional): Gregg Trend

past president of fwa (by acclamation): John Nielsen-Hall (Unc. Johnny)

Corflu 32 will be in Newcastle, England
Tynecon 3: The Corflu
March 27-29, 2015
(this is the weekend before Dysprosium, the 2015 Eastercon at London Heathrow)
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As I just said over on the Corflu LJ, Graham Charnock is quite possibly first off the block with Entropy & the Heat Death of Winchester, his Corflu Cobalt report.

As I said in my comment back to him: "Maybe it was the goats. Maybe it was the arrival of Uncle Johnny, Roy, and D. Whatever it was, I haven't laughed so hard since reading letters from Chuch Harris."

Recommended. Strongly and thoroughly recommended.
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On New Year's Eve, Rob Hansen posted his Corflu 6 report online. Corflu 6, aka the Minneapolis Corflu.* Complete with photos of 20-year-younger versions of several people who are likely reading these very words I type.

There's a lot of other neat stuff at Rob's Fan Stuff. I especially recommend The Reaffirmation if you're not already familiar with it, or if it's been a long time since you read it.

* On the Sunday of his (and my) first Corflu -- Corflu 3 in Tyson's Corner, VA -- [ profile] fredcritter first mentioned his liking of the idea of running a Corflu in Minneapolis, that it would be a way of his paying it back, his way of saying thanks to the fanzine community, and, knowing Fred, there was probably a comment about paying it forward, too. Reading Rob's report again these 20 years after Corflu 6, I am most keenly aware of just how much Fred did, in fact and deed, pay it forward both by encouraging me to go to Corflu in the first place and then by running Corflu 6 three years later.

Crank: [ profile] fredcritter
Waver Rollers: [ profile] jonsinger
Silkscreen: moi
[ profile] retooned, were you the ink gun? Or was that Susan? I'm still missing a mimeo part...ah, since Susan ran the consuite, it seems very likely that she might have been the paper feed or feed tray.....

And [ profile] spikeiowa edited CHASM, the Chuch Harris Appreciation Society Magazine, for us.

As Nero Wolfe would say, it was satisfactory. Quite satisfactory.
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It's Corflu weekend. I'm posting a bit in the Corflu community, and spending as much time as I can in the Virtual Consuite. Complete with a low-res video feed, flaky audio feed, and chat with fans in the ether.
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..The Tennessee Waltz was straight, and San Francisco Bay Blues is straight, too. Now if the server didn't keep dropping the feed.

[ profile] kipw, Curt Phillips, John Purcell, and others are hanging out from elsewhere in the country. James Bacon was around but headed to bed a couple of hours ago. Reasonable, really.
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The legendary not-Graham Charnock but Nic Farey!

"Saw Pete Weston, walkin' with the queen
(that'd be Claire)
Doin' the werewolves of fandom
I saw Christopher J. Garcia, walkin with the queen.
Doin' the werewolves of fandom.
[Banana Wings lines that I didn't catch]

"Arhh, Ooo, werewolves of fandom...."
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Done as the blues....

Good blues.

[ profile] fredcritter, this is not the Corflu you didn't take your guitar to. It's utterly, recognizably Corflu, but I think my head is exploding.

Color me amused.
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Two years ago, I started the Corflu LiveJournal Community from the Toronto Corflu. It then went pretty much dormant until the brilliant Corflu Quire that Pat Virzi ran in Austin in February 20007.

This year, there's streaming video...currently from the program room. Most everyone has left for dinner at the moment, so I'm just chatting with Curt Phillips and other folks online. But thanks to the live feed, I can leave Corflu running on my desktop computer and attempt to get at least some work done on my usual laptop. So far, I just keep talking with the folks at the convention, and online.

Yep, my weekend is doomed. In a good way.
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The Virtual Corflu is up and running over on the LJ Corflu community. The reports from Opening Ceremonies include the GoH drawing (we draw the name from a hat) and the announcement of the FAAn Award nominees.

Science-Fiction Five-Yearly is one of the Best Fanzine nominees! Yay! Award administrator Murray Moore increased the amount of egoboo associated with the awards by announcing the top 5 vote getters at Opening Ceremonies. Pat Virzi made up spiff nominee pins, and Murray also showed a sample of this year's award certificate, created by Brad Foster. It's spiff! SFFY is up against some tough competition, including David Burton's rock solid and gorgeous Pixel.

Fingers crossed...and no matter the outcome, I have this utterly cool pin.
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The traditional Corflu baseball game has been replaced with a slide show, though there will be a team photo of all who were prepared to play ball taken later.

Mike Glicksohn has an excellent picture of [ profile] sleigh from the mid-'70s, and [ profile] fredcritter from that same era was immediately recognizable to pretty much everyone here. We're getting a little more current, looking at photos that include some from Noreascon 3. Mark Olson looks very much the same as he did in 1980. Much as I think I know what John D. Berry has looked like for most of the last 20 years, I didn't recognize any of the pictures of him from the 1960s and 1970s.
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I'm off to Corflu tomorrow. The hotel has free wifi. I've just created the Corflu community. As the community description says:

Corflu is for members of past, present, and future Corflus, fanzine fans, faneds, friends, and interested bystanders. Community created on the eve of Corflu 23 in Toronto, where it appears we will have the best from all ages of fanzine publishing technologies. Free wifi in the hotel isn't all that rare these days, but a hotel with free wifi and four working mimeographs inked with blue-green, violet, chartreuse, and black that's a faned's dream! Scanners, digital cameras, flash drives, electro-stenciller, mimeoscope, and more.

I sent out about 50 community invitations before LJ said "you've reached the limit" and wouldn't issue invitations to [ profile] n6tqs, [ profile] richardthe23rd, [ profile] replyhazy and [ profile] jamesb. But no one needs an invitation to join -- they just need to know the community exists so they can wander over and subscribe as desired.

Please help spread the word. If Corflu is your cup of tea, virtually or otherwise, I hope you'll join Corflu here on LiveJournal even if you can't join us in Toronto!


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