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Your trip may be short, it may be long, or maybe it's somewhere in between. Whatever it's length, may it bring you safely to the Worldcon's door, and carry you back home, sweet home with nothing about the journey itself worth mentioning in your convention report.

Of course, all of our journeys are short compared to our last 50 years of space travel.

With a tip o'the link hat to Bruce Townley.
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1) Register for Chicon 7, this year's Worldcon, at the $215 attending rate (it'll be $230 after 11:59 pm PDT).

2) Download the fabulous Hugo Voter Packet.

3) VOTE for this year's Hugo Award Winners.

Please don't wait until the very last minute, or even hour to do all three of those things. Getting your membership number and/or a PIN in time to download the Hugo Voter packet and/or vote is likely to involve sending email to, and they may well need a few minutes to respond.

After these few hours pass, it will be August. And that means Chicon will be starting in 30 days! Thirty days until my 30th Fanniversary Party in the Minnesota Magpies suite. Thirty days until Opening Night at the Adler Planetarium. Thirty days until so very much more.

Hope to see you on the Funway!
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Chicon 7 membership rates increase on April 1st. Buy yours today or tomorrow for the best price!

Much coolness to be had there, including (personally) my 30th faniversary. Yes, there will be a party. How could there not?
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Science Fiction Outreach Book Drive Progress: March 10th

In my car:
-- 245 books donated by Ben Yalow

At Toad Woods:
-- 33 books culled from upstairs shelves

At the NESFA Clubhouse:
-- ???

Current known total: 278 books

Color me curious

The MCFI-sponsored book drive for the Science Fiction Outreach Project at C2E2 runs through Sunday, March 25. Please guess how many books will be donated to the MCFI book drive, and how many of those books will fit in my car. (We'll ship the rest as needed.)

If you're on LJ, you can use the poll. If not, please respond in the comments. Thanks!

[Poll #1825542]


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