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A week from tomorrow, the first Brimfield Antiques Flea Market of 2009 opens. It's the 50th anniversary year and I was delighted to find this video online:

2009 Brimfield dates:

May 12-17
July 14-19
September 8-13 -- 50 years -- Golden Anniversary!

I closed on Toad Woods on the Friday of the 2004 May Brimfield show and have enjoyed every field I've visited in the five years since. Brimfield is just 5 miles from Toad Woods. Friends interested in checking it out are welcome to contact me about staying here as well as field recommendations and various tips about parking, exploring, and shopping at Brimfield.
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Monkey & Mom
Monkey & Mom
The newest denizens of Toad Woods under the bleeding heart on Mother's Day, 2007.

This was my last purchase at Brimfield, May, 2007. I probably would have bought them regardless of the day, but having them move to Toad Woods on Mother's Day seemed the right thing to mark the occasion. This year is different than last, but I'll still be relieved when a few more Mother's Days have come and gone.

Mother's Day joy to all who have reason to celebrate it, and Mother's Day comfort to all for whom that's what's needed more right now...especially those who have lost their mothers since the last time this holiday cycled round.

If you click on Monkey & Mom, you'll be able to see the other picture in my Brimfield Gallery. It shows that other monkey sitting on the bench in the mudroom.
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Jack and I returned to the antiques flea market in Brimfield today. On our way to meet Jane and Corinne, I passed a woman whose T-shirt proclaimed, "I survived Brimfield."

It's now 11 hours, one lovely soak in the tub, and wild salmon for dinner later. I'm still not sure I qualify to wear that shirt myself. The dust-crusted details )

Brimfield is great conditioning for BaggieCon (SF fans at the Winnipeg Folk Festival). That's what I keep telling myself. I wish I had an in-house massage therapist, and a whirlpool tub, too.


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