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Six months in, I just don't seem to be using Dreamwidth. I'll be converting to a free account rather than disappearing entirely, but LiveJournal remains the place to find me.

I wish the entire Dreamwidth crew the best of success with Dreamwidth's continued development and thank my friends who are hanging out here for continuing to crosspost to LJ however much they choose to.
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Three huzzahs and thanks to Dr. Paisley for posting this to his LiveJournal:

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My lawnmower must have killed somebody in a past life, and it couldn't have been an accident. Oh, no, my lawnmower must have been truly evil and have a long, lawnmower's life to restore karmic balance in the lawnmower universe.

Yes, handymen and women everywhere, my name is Geri S. and I'm a lawnmower abuser. )
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Last week, I cleaned and attempted to refill the hummingbird feeder. Alas, I didn't let the heated sugar syrup cool enough before pouring it into my glass feeder. I really didn't let it cool enough: the feeder broke into seven different chunks of glass and also left more glass shards than I would have expected in my kitchen sink. Damn. I really liked that feeder.

On Sunday, [profile] elaine_brennan and I stopped by Lowe's on our way to Naugatuck. The primary reason was to stock up on salt to fill the water softener before I'm limited to lifting no more than 10# at a time. As we were checking out, I remembered the broken hummingbird feeder. We put the five 40# bags of salt in the car and returned to the store. They of course no longer carry that model. It was a little arty and this year's offerings in arty feeders didn't appeal to my sensibilities. But there was one comparatively plain glass feeder at a tolerable price, so I bought it.

Last night, I made up a quart of sugar water and put it on the stove to heat. "I'm going to be working for quite a while yet," I thought. "It will be easy to leave the syrup on the stove to cool for a few hours."

I returned to my desk and promptly became totally focused on the layout I was working on.

"Why am I smelling roasted marshmallows?" I attributed the odd aroma to sleep deprivation and kept on working right up until the time the smoke detector went off.

Oh. The syrup was never going to cool if I didn't turn off the burner it was sitting on. Oops.

I turned off the flame, then headed for the smoke detector. After disabling it, I opened the patio door to the deck and returned to the pan on the stove.

Hmm. I don't think I've ever seen sugar syrup that dark before, but I was most impressed by the fact that it was still at a full rolling boil even though it had been off the heat for a couple of minutes at that point. Wow, what little liquid was left was forming some really big bubbles, too.

Using a potholder on the handle, just for safety's sake I carried the pot out to the edge of the deck and christened a weed tree and ground below with the still-boiling, now-blackened, liquid sludge. It's water and sugar; it will dissolve eventually and I don't have to worry about it being reported as a toxic clean-up site in the meanwhile. (Obligatory Minicon Oobleck Reference.)

I thought the pot was probably a goner, but great, gromping gallons and gallons of running water kept foaming and turning dark brown, so I kept rinsing the pan out thinking that as soon as the color lightened enough, I'd add some soap and set it to soak. More and more brown foam slowly yielded a few small stainless steel spots on the interior of the pot. Hmmm. Okay. I kept the water running. Anyone who's seen the Grand Canyon knows the power of running water.

The pot is now surprisingly clean, but it may still be a goner. It looks okay, but running my hand over the bottom reveals bumps and buckles that weren't previously there. It wouldn't work well on a glasstop burner at this point, and I doubt that it will continue to conduct heat as evenly as it did before. The Revere copper-clad saucepan served me well for most of a decade beyond it's 25 year warranty. And I have another one just like it, so I don't have to buy another right away. I'll just have to wash dishes a bit more frequently.

I am however, a tad reluctant to start another quart of sugar syrup right now.

Sorry, hummingbirds. I trust you're having a good time chowing down over at the neighbors' feeders and will continue doing so for however long it takes me to fill and hang the new feeder here.


May. 24th, 2009 01:19 am
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...research recipes and make you oatmeal-cherry-cranberry cookies with Sunsweet Lighter Bake in place of the butter so the warm-from-the-oven cookies have just a quarter gram of fat each.

And what are those three grams of fat doing in a half cup of dry oatmeal, anyway? Especially when the recipe calls for 3 cups of the grain?

Many thanks, Elaine! For the cookies, for your presence, and for all of the help these last two weeks. Much appreciated!
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A week from tomorrow, the first Brimfield Antiques Flea Market of 2009 opens. It's the 50th anniversary year and I was delighted to find this video online:

2009 Brimfield dates:

May 12-17
July 14-19
September 8-13 -- 50 years -- Golden Anniversary!

I closed on Toad Woods on the Friday of the 2004 May Brimfield show and have enjoyed every field I've visited in the five years since. Brimfield is just 5 miles from Toad Woods. Friends interested in checking it out are welcome to contact me about staying here as well as field recommendations and various tips about parking, exploring, and shopping at Brimfield.
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I'm back in my usual desk chair after an utterly splendid long weekend with those most excellent hosts and rock-solid, much-treasured friends [personal profile] debgeisler and [profile] benveniste; my dear, long-lost and then found again friend Sandy; my lifelong friend and very favorite Gavi in the entire universe and well beyond; and Minneapolis friends and delightful house guests [personal profile] cakmpls and her daughter R.

Good times were had, oh, yes, indeed they were. Again and again and again.

Now it's a good time for work, sleep, lather, rinse, and repeat. Here's hoping there's time for sharing some of the 4-part harmony over the coming days and weeks. This was one where the memories are not likely to soon fade. Oh, no; not at all.

"Some things just get better and better, and better than they've already been."

First DW/LJ automatic crosspost test.

Here now

Apr. 24th, 2009 12:40 am
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First Dreamwidth post made from Fanhihall. Color me amused, and happy to be here -- for values of "here" that include both Dreamwidth and Joe & Edie's living room.


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